When Tailgating Goes Wrong On The Road

Two men tailgating car accident

To be clear, this is not actually about being sociable outside of a sports stadium with friends, food, drinks, and games. This is about the driver that hasn’t been paying any attention for the last three lights and keeps breaking too close to your rear bumper for comfort. We see the results of this sort of driving pulled over on the shoulder nearly every day around Tampa Bay but what do you do when you’re the one involved in a rear-ending accident.

The chances of getting yourself into a rear end accident in Tampa Bay is very high, if you haven’t already. It’s almost always rush hour (or at least it feels that way), the weather is unpredictable (although rain is usually a safe bet), there is a constant state of construction due to the expanding population in Tampa, and all the interstates you used to consider convenient but are now really just a pain to deal with, add up to the perfect environment to accidentally rear end someone or to be rear ended yourself.

The night life talked about on nearly every Tampa Bay tourist pamphlet indirectly contributes to an excess of drunk drivers on the road, an exceptionally high number compared to other cities, and in this day and age you’re probably even more likely to get rear ended by somebody checking a status update on their phone. So, in the high stakes game of simply getting around town how do you protect yourself?

The first thing to do when in an accident is to call the police and seek medical attention immediately.

These are two very important steps for a variety of reasons. The first reason being that a record of the incident needs to be filed so that it is easier for you to sue for damages. Usually, whoever rear ended the back of the other car is the one that gets the ticket so it’s incredibly important for a ticket to be written against someone if they rear end you. This is critical, get their information, make sure statements and a report are filed with the police department.

Being rear ended might not look as dramatic as the end over end crashes you see on TV, but it could still end up costing you a lot of money. Fenders, lights, and the labor of replacing them cost a lot more than you would expect and that’s assuming the crash was minor enough where all you need is body work. It is also necessary to get as much photographic evidence of the accident as possible immediately and at the location it occurred. This is so that later during court proceeding it can’t be claimed that the damage to your vehicle happened after the car accident.

Getting medical attention as shortly after being rear ended as possible is also incredibly beneficial to your case. If you’re clearly injured as a result of being rear ended having the full extent of your injuries recorded as soon as possible will be of great use to your case. It’s also useful to visit a doctor if you feel fine at the time of the accident because injuries, pains, and complications could arise afterwards and the person who rear ended you could end up claiming that you injured yourself after the incident.

Having evidence that you suspected something was wrong the day of the accident could help your case greatly.

Some people hesitate to go to the hospital over minor injuries, but those injuries could end up costing you a lot more in medical bills in the long run if you don’t get it looked at right away. And without timely proof of those injuries, it might be difficult to hold the person that rear ended you and caused your medical problems accountable. Following your doctor’s visit, you should now contact your attorney.

Although it’s incredibly important to have documentation of damages and injuries, it’s hard to do anything with all your evidence without the aid of a legal representative. This is why, if you’ve been rear ended you need to call an attorney as soon as possible. You might be entitled to payment for damages and never receive them without the proper legal representation.

This is equally important if you’re the only that rear ended someone else. Having a close call where you almost don’t stop in time and come inches from the back of another car is almost a right of passage of all new drivers and for experienced drivers there are more close calls than can be easily recalled. But what do you do if it actually happens and you rear end the car in front of you?

We’ve all heard that it’s always the fault of the person who rear ends the vehicle in front of them, so much so, it’s already been mentioned in this post. However, if you can prove that the vehicle in front of you was being negligent and that’s what led to you rear ending them then they might still receive some of the blame. For example, the aggressive driver that has shot up your blood pressure by repeatedly cutting you off in traffic, finally does so a little too close and your car just can’t stop in time.

So whether rear ending or getting rear ended it’s important to have a skilled lawyer by your side.

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