What Do You Do If Your Mobile Phone Catches On Fire?


Sound like a passive aggressive question asked by an annoyed parent half way through a family meal, but it is actually a legitimate question that you should familiarize yourself with.

Whether or not you’ve seen it on the news, mobile phones have exploded on people and it’s a really big deal. Not just because if your mobile phone explodes with it go contacts, numbers, social media passwords, and so, so, so many pictures, but because it’s also really dangerous.

Just consider the sheer number of mobile phones being used in society right now. How many times have you observed a small child with a mobile phone inches from their face, professionals on long conference calls with the cellular device pressed against their ear, or the countless phones crammed in the back pockets of passersby.

So, this immersion of mobile phones in our society makes the fact that they can explode very dangerous. There are a few different reasons for a mobile phone to explode and a myriad of different injuries and damages that can result from it.

What makes our favorite hand-held computers go boom?

First things first, technically the whole doesn’t just spontaneously combust, what actually happens is that the battery explodes. Now mobile phones are basically one big battery we keep on our people all the time and speak into. So, for the causes of these battery explosions; one of the most common reasons for a mobile phone battery to explode is a hole in the battery.

This seems like something you would notice right away, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, all it takes is a tiny break between the compacted battery in our mobile phones and those can arise from something as simple as dropping your phone. Who has a mobile phone they have never, not once dropped? Does this person even exist?

Since dropping a cell phone is so commonplace you rarely see a phone without a case you would think that mobile phone manufacturers would have made adjustments to the battery so that they would be fall-proof. Evidently, they haven’t, and a simple drop of the mobile phone could lead to the puncturing of the battery resulting in your mobile phone exploding.

We’ve already covered one trigger to your mobile phone exploding you can’t even see so let’s jump into the second most common cause of mobile phone explosions, also something a person isn’t capable of seeing; heat. If the mobile phone has a faulty battery and it gets overheated from extensive use, charging, use while charging, or any other reason it may explode. However, there are other microscopic causes of short circuits that if occurring while the mobile phone is hot could result in it exploding.

It is generally assumed to be common knowledge that anything exploding could cause serious injuries and that is especially true in the event that a mobile phone explodes. There are a few reasons that make them particularly hazardous but first let’s acknowledge the effects.

In cases of mobile phones exploding there has been serious medical injuries caused to the phone owner and also significant property damage to the belongings around the exploding mobile phone. The most severe injury a mobile phone explosion has caused is death, and not just one death, multiple people have died due to their mobile phones exploding.

There have also been severe burns that led to lengthy hospitalizations.

This is where you need a good personal injury attorney to help you ask for damages to be paid for the trauma associated with a mobile phone explosion. When a mobile phone explodes it can not only cause physical pain but also fiscal and emotional pain.

The cost of the phone, the medical bills, and replacing anything that the phone may have damaged while exploding (the table it was on top of, the computer it was next to, the clothes you were wearing maybe it was a really expensive shirt) could really add up. So not only were you subject to excruciating physical pain but then following the incident you are faced with the financial burden of cleaning up the mess caused by the mobile phone explosion.

Not to mention the emotional pain that could result from being put through this ordeal. The stress of the financial burden can strain otherwise healthy relationships and the burns could result in scarring that cause a lot of psychological introspection.

Common placement for these burn injuries is to the face and coming to terms with your change in appearance as a result of the mobile phone exploding could take a serious toll on a person. Coping with the financial and emotional burden is in addition to the physical damage resulting from a mobile phone exploding.

If the phone blows up on your face it’s inevitably going to take a long time to heal and if it severely impacted your eye(s) that injury may never heal at all and then there are disability damages to deal with. Same thing if the mobile phone explodes while you have it pressed against your ear and your hearing is never the same again.

These are all life altering concerns and if you or anyone you know ever faces a situation similar to any of these due to a mobile phone exploding it’s important that the victim immediately gets in contact with a personal injury attorney.

Suing for damages could help pay for the medical costs and help compensate for any financial tolls, like time taken away from work that could have arisen from the mobile phone exploding.

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