Top 4 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

Things to do after auto accident

After an auto accident, first, attempt to gather all the information needed to meet Florida DMV requirements. The Florida DMV filing requirements are mandated by the statue and the window to file is short. Consult a legal advisor to find out current requirements as they may change. Consulting an attorney is wise whenever an auto accident occurs, especially one with injuries.

Things to do after an auto accident…

For sure, make notes, if possible after an auto accident; such as if there were any witnesses. This is important to try to get their contact information. An attorney will want to interview them later. Without contact information, witnesses can be virtually impossible to contact or locate when needed in the future.

Police reports and medical reports documenting injuries and property damage is clearly a must. If there are any available insurance reports from claims adjusters, these are good to get together also.

1. Definitely go to the doctor after an auto accident…

Get checked out by your physician at a minimum; ideally, go to an emergency room the same day of the accident. If your injuries are ones that require emergency or immediate care, you will be taken by ambulance. Either way, in a doctor’s office or in an emergency room visit, be sure that all of your injuries are recorded at that point in time.

2. Consult an experienced attorney after an auto accident…

Be mindful that whatever you say during an examination will be written into the medical record regarding your accident and injuries. This is also true after the accident, at the accident scene and when speaking to insurance representatives.

3. At the auto accident scene…

You will want to photograph the cars involved, if possible. If you are severely injured this won’t be possible and you will rely on others to provide these for your attorney. Though photos may be available from law enforcement authorities, having photos that others take or your own may help later. Use your cell phone to take pictures if you are involved in an accident for this purpose.

4. Take notes as soon as possible after the auto accident…

Remember, it’s important to note whether or not you had your seatbelt on. This will be a defense of the at-fault party’s attorney and their insurance company. This may arise in the pre-trial negotiations before the litigation goes to court. Another key fact to note is who took you to the hospital or was it by ambulance, your own vehicle or by others? It all makes a difference when it comes time to sort this out in court and by the attorneys.

At the point of treatment, hospital or a doctor’s office, definitely record the names of anyone who treats you. This includes medical healthcare professionals that attend to you afterward. Your attorney will want to be able to know who these people are and need to interview them later for records gathering later in the process.

While you are receiving treatment keep track of x-rays or other tests and procedures that were performed on you, as to the date, location and times. Try to get and collect your relevant past medical history. These records may be pertinent to your case, which your attorney will determine after reviewing them thoroughly.

Rear end collision claims appear to be on the rise!

Even though accident casualty rates fell in the US years ago, the amount of car accident claims for personal injury actually increased.

If you have probably been unlucky enough to have been hit in a rear-end collision by another motor vehicle, ensure that if you want to pursue a claim that you get the full details of the third party’s vehicle. Don’t be tempted if the negligent driver who is most likely responsible in these situations offers to settle for cash for the damage to your vehicle without going through his insurance company.

The reasons for this is that he or she may not be insured or it may later transpire that you have sustained personal injuries such as whiplash or something even more serious that at the point of the accident is not clearly visible. The accident may trigger symptoms that take a little time to develop, so always gather as much evidence at the scene and never accept a cash settlement offer as you may lose out financially later on.

Any pain and suffering that you endure as a result of the accident can be compensated for by instructing an injury claim solicitor or accident claim company that specializes in car accident claims. You will need to provide evidence of injury, so it’s always wise to go to your doctor or the emergency room to record any injuries.

These professional medical reports that they compile will help you later with your claim.

Remember to keep all receipts for out of pocket expenses and make a note of all the expenditure you make in connection with your injury.

Nowadays under the contingency fee, it should not cost you for qualified, experienced  legal help either.

  • Ask the attorney how much of your settlement will go towards representation.
  • Ask the attorney, what part of the law do they specialize in. It’s no good talking to a divorce lawyer if you want to make an auto personal injury claim
  • If you feel comfortable with your chosen attorney, give them details of your injury and they should take care of the rest for you and help with the paperwork.

Sadly far too many people in Florida are victims of car accidents, as drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

If you have been involved in a car accident or have suffered any form of personal injury, which occurred as a result of someone’s negligence, Martinez Law has experienced  lawyers who are ready to help. Contact us today.

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