After a trucking accident, you may find yourself overwhelmed.

On top of worries about your health and your finances, you also find yourself in a sticky legal situation. You are suddenly in a world of strict regulations and minute details you may not be able to navigate.

Martinez Law is your Tampa truck accident attorney. We are experienced Tampa attorneys that know how to deal with these legal ins-and-outs that come with the highly specific federal and state regulations that govern truck accident injuries.

Martinez Law will investigate to demonstrate the cause of your accident. If the truck accident was a result of driver fatigue, lack of training, or if faulty equipment or inadequate vehicle maintenance contributed to the cause of the truck accident – our experienced team will discover the cause. We will hold the truck driver, truck owner, and insurers accountable and fight to make trucking companies or other corporate entities responsible for their obligations to you, the victim.

If you find yourself in a truck accident, here is what you should do.

First, determine if there are any injuries. Take immediate action, such as calling 911, in case of emergency. Make sure you are safe, getting away from traffic or other dangers. 

Next, contact a competent and skilled attorney with experience in trucking accident litigation. Document the scene of the accident with pictures, videos, etc., and seek medical attention. In addition, be mindful that if you do not report the accident to your insurance company within 24 hours, you may void part of your insurance coverage.

Even if you don’t have any immediate symptoms, see a medical professional to make sure. If you are injured in a truck crash, it is possible to have injuries that don’t show themselves right away. If you select a competent attorney who will fight to protect your legal rights, they can help you face off against the corporate interest groups. Do not try to resolve the situation on your own through insurance companies or through the trucking company – they will seek a quick resolution that favors them, and not you.

Martinez Law is a Tampa law firm that knows how to navigate the complex laws surrounding truck accidents. Aggressive and loyal, Martinez Law will fight for your rights. We can assist in recovering lost income, medical expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Call Martinez Law today if you’re in Tampa and need help with trucking accidents. Consultations are free, and we want to help you.


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