It’s All Fun and Games until YOU Slip and Fall

Caution wet floor in grocery store

There’s something about human nature that makes you laugh when you see someone slip and fall.

There are even television shows dedicated to presenting different moments where innocent people, even children, have slipped and fallen. But as anyone can tell you, it’s a lot less funny when it you’re the one slipping and falling.

It’s even less funny if you’re in a public location with witnesses all around and downright horrific if you sustain an injury from the humiliating dilemma. It’s okay though, you can stop being humiliated and seek legal action to protect yourself and get the money to help take care of any injuries you sustained.

A common place for slip and fall injuries to occur is the grocery store.

This is due to many different reasons, for one thing a lot of people have to visit grocery stores so there’s the sheer volume of people and increased opportunity for accidents. Then there are under-trained staff that may not be properly keeping up the maintenance and cleanliness of the grocery which leaves areas of the grocery store where you can unknowingly walk on something slippery and fall.

Before swallowing your pride and smiling through the pain, realize that your fall was not actually your fault but more than likely the fault of the grocery store for not properly warning you of the slipping hazard.

It is the grocery store responsibility to ensure a safe shopping environment for you and all of its other shoppers so if they fail to do so and you are injured as a result the grocery store should be held accountable. If a liquid product breaks and spills on the floor there are a lot of aspects to the spill that are now endangering the patrons of the grocery store and the store is responsible for cleaning it up. The container could be strewn on the floor and in the fast-paced world we live in it would be very easy for someone to trip, fall, and get hurt.

That’s not even including the possibility of broken glass that might have been left littered on the floor which could easily lead to lacerations if an unsuspecting customer slipped on the product and fell into the mess of shards.

In fact, many injuries can arise from the fall alone such as sprained joints, broken bones, concussions, and a multitude of dislocations. Sprains to highly sensitive areas like the neck can take long periods of time to heal completely, all the while racking up bills from different medical specialists and decreasing your productivity at work.

Although dislocations are easier treat than some of the other injuries you may receive from a slip and fall they could still require physical therapy to get back to their original condition and that gets costly so it’s still a valid injury to sue for damages over. Broken bones are costly and hinder your range of motion and ability to complete daily tasks that may be necessary for your job. Concussions and any brain injuries that can arise from landing at a wrong angle from a slip could end in permanent brain damage.

All of these can be significant setbacks in your daily life and may even prevent you from participating in your career at your usual level. These are all damages that, with the help of an attorney, you could sue the grocery store for.

The thought may have crossed your mind that even though it is their responsibility to maintain a better sense of order within their grocery store you were the one that slipped and fell so just how liable is the grocery store. Not only is it their responsibility to clean up any hazardous areas of their store for the safety of the customers but it is also the grocery stores responsibility to put up a caution sign if they know an area of the store is slippery so as to prevent any patrons from slips and falls.

This sign is supposed to be legible and visible by yourself and all the customers and clearly state that there is a risk of slipping on a wet surface in the area surrounding it. If you or someone you know slipped and fell in a grocery store because the floor was wet, and they had not placed a sign warning of the risk then the grocery store is liable for any injuries or damages that were sustained. These aren’t the only ways that negligence on the behalf of the grocery store can cause harm to customers however.

Besides neglecting to give fair warning and clean up after accidents that leave their customers susceptible to injuries, the employees of grocery stories can be even more explicitly involved in personal injury accidents. Even if the original spill was mopped up the water left behind from the mopping could be enough to cause someone to take a fall in the grocery store.

This is actually a common cause of slip and fall accidents and with the proper representation you could be handsomely compensated for having gotten hurt on their premises due to the carelessness and neglect of their establishment. It’s important to find a personal injury lawyer immediately after you fall, well go to the doctor first and get examined by a medical professional that can determine the exact extent of injuries you received.

But the next thing you should do, after seeking help from a physician naturally, is to reach out to an experienced Personal Injury lawyer and discuss what the next legal step in receiving compensation is.

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