What to do if You Get Hit By a Car as a Pedestrian in Tampa Bay?

pedestrian accident tampa florida

A car accident while you are walking in Tampa is definitely just getting hit by a car as a pedestrian.

Pedestrian accidents are tragically very common in Tampa Bay and it is important for you to know the importance of legal representation in the event that you are injured in a pedestrian accident. The thought of just walking across the street, or on the sidewalk, minding your own business and then having a moving vehicle collide into you is jarring at the very least.

What’s probably considered the scariest aspect of pedestrian accidents is the amount of medical injuries the pedestrian is usually left with if they survive getting run over or struck by a car or truck.

As can be heard on the news both globally and locally in the Tampa Bay area, pedestrian accidents often time result in the death of the individual struck by the vehicle. It might not be something you consider or think about often, but it would make sense why fatalities are so common in pedestrian accidents, it is a person on foot up against a moving vehicle.

Also depending on the speed of the vehicle, a pedestrian accident causes a lot more damage to the injured individual than a car accident would. One thing that affects the frequency of pedestrian accidents is the speed limit on the roadway where the accident occurs.

When cars are traveling too fast to easily spot pedestrians they are more susceptible to stop watching for them and then crash into them head on. This is especially true in the case of pedestrian accidents where children are injured. Since children are smaller than adults drivers have to be extra vigilant to spot them and avoid hitting them when they are driving at accelerated speeds.

There are certain areas and times of day where pedestrian accident most often occurs, and one should be extra careful of drivers who aren’t paying attention.

These include busy three-lane roads where someone making a turn may forget to look for a pedestrian, rendering them entirely at fault for the collision because they neglected one of their duties as a driver. This same reason and increased risk are present at intersections where a lot of vehicles are rushing to make turns and only paying attention to their traffic lights without considering the fact that someone may still be crossing the road.

Times of the day with increased traffic volume also intensify the chances of pedestrian accidents and, although that may seem like all day around the Tampa Bay area it is specifically referring to rush hour traffic in the morning and in the mid to late afternoon. Also, later at night where it is darker outside and there is lowered visibility, there becomes a greater chance for pedestrian accidents at corners and even on next to the roads.

What can happen if a driver fails at their responsibility to watch out for pedestrians and ends up hitting you with their car?

First thing, you should always receive medical attention. This seems kind of obvious since in this scenario you have just been hit by a car but if by some miracle you don’t feel hurt, it may just be the adrenaline, or you could very well be experiencing numbness in the area where you were injured. For both your own safety, and for your legal case against your aggressor it is important that you see a doctor as immediately as you can after being involved in a pedestrian accident.

A wide variety of injuries can arise from an impact such as that of a moving vehicle and some may not be immediately observable, such as internal bleeding, brain damage or broken bones. Just because they aren’t as visible as say a broken bone jutting out of your thigh doesn’t make them any less serious because all three of those forms of injury could easily end up costing you your life if not properly taken care of. You may also be experiencing a multitude of scratches and gashes, some of which will likely require stitches as well as the proper sanitation and care provided by medical professionals.

The medical bills of a pedestrian accident can easily add up to be way greater than you are financially capable of affording. On top of the financial stress of figuring out how to pay for all of these charges, and what exactly they are for, you may also find yourself in a fight with your insurance company for their help with paying off the hefty bill. An aggressive automobile accident attorney can help you pursue the payment from both the driver that left you in the position as well as the insurance companies that are supposed to help you during this time, but often times don’t or don’t in a timely enough fashion.

You will need evidence that your injuries stemmed from the crash, which often time will be fairly apparent however after time has passed and you are in a court of law following up on proceeding with your lawyer, the severity of your injuries may no longer appear as drastic, even though they may very well still be excruciating. In that case, it would be very useful to provide photographic evidence of the injuries you sustained as well as the medical records outlining the damages you suffered.

An auto accident attorney will provide you with the guidance and support you need to receive the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been affected by a pedestrian accident it can quickly spiral into an overwhelming time where your family finds itself trying to put itself back together, so make sure to contact an auto accident attorney for assistance in gaining reimbursement for the damages suffered.

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