Common Tricks Used by Auto Insurers to Avoid Payment

Car Insurance with key illustration

It’s no secret that the insurance companies aren’t your friends. Sure, they have their cute little lizards or whacky spokeswomen who make you laugh, but their primary interest is their bottom line. If you’re in an accident and they can keep from paying you, they will.

There are several tricks that an insurance company can use to keep from paying you in your hour of need. Here are some of the most common tactics used by insurance companies:

Sometimes, an insurance company will drag out a claim for as long as they can. They can start supplying excuse after excuse, delaying your compensation. If this is the case, there may be a couple reasons behind it.
For one, they might just be hoping to wear you out. You keep asking, they keep excusing. After going through this process over and over, a lot of people will just give up. That’s the hope – that extending the time and continuing to offer excuses will make you just go away.
Another possibility is that they’re hoping to make money off your claim. If they can collect interest off your money through the bank, they might try to drag things out as long as possible until the interest matches or goes beyond the claim, thereby causing them to lose nothing when giving you your compensation.
Whatever the case, when you find yourself calling the insurance company again and again, it’s time to also call a lawyer.

Often, an insurance company will ask for a statement. They may even tell you that they are trying to speed up the process by getting your account of the situation. Don’t fall for it. In reality, they’re trying to find info they can distort or manipulate to get you less money. For example, a simple, “I’m feeling fine right now” could be used against you if injuries start to manifest themselves later. When an insurance company asks for any kind of statement, just refer them to your lawyer.

This might sound like a contradiction to “delays,” but sometimes insurance companies want what they can get from you as soon as they can get it. They want to do everything themselves before you get a lawyer involved. They might even try to advise you against hiring an attorney. Stay savvy, and tell them you need to contact a lawyer before allowing them to take charge of the situation.

Unfortunately, all of these tricks are perfectly legal. And there are plenty of other tricks up the insurance companies’ sleeves. Forget the silly lizards. Make sure you have an attorney that will be on your side, aggressively fight for your rights, and let the good guys win.

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