Cars, Crashes, and Collisions in Tampa Bay

Car Accident in Florida Martinez Law

Driving around Tampa Bay, it’s almost impossible to go a week without seeing a car accident.

Every one of them is different but you drive up to the scene the same way; all of a sudden you find yourself in heavy traffic which you’ll soon find out is thanks to rubberneckers, then as you get closer you see the lights over the tops of the cars in front of you, and then finally as you get to the accident there are usually two but sometimes more cars in different states of ruin and first responders everywhere.

It’s a hectic picture and one you don’t want to have live through yourself, maybe you don’t have the time to even process what’s happening on the side of the road because you’re busy trying to get things done within your own life. That is, until you find yourself inside one of those loud frantic scenarios.

As common as these dangerous encounters are, it’s equally common for people to not only be injured, at times severely, but also to never receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Taking the time to read through this will hopefully help ensure that if you’ve been in a car accident you are aware of your options in regard to obtaining reparations.

It’s important to share all of this information with your family because you could end up incapacitated or unconscious as a result of a car accident. Instead of letting you and your family struggle with the cost of the injuries and damages, they should call an attorney and sue the other party involved.

Hillsborough County leads state in DUI drivers

It’s simply unfair to suffer financially for something that another party is accountable for, especially with the frequency that these situations occur. So, we’ve established that car accidents are common and dangerous but what causes a car accident and why are there so many of them?

Car accidents have many causes, one of which is reckless driving where an irresponsible driver is taking unnecessary risks while operating their vehicle and in turn putting the lives of others at risk when they inevitably hit another car with their own. The reasons for a driver to behave recklessly can vary but all that really matters is that their recklessness affects others. There is also distracted driving which essentially just means their focus isn’t on the road but on something else entirely, this could be a cell phone, a book (no, really, that’s been observed first hand), eating food, applying make-up, even watching another car accident being dealt with.

Yes, even if driving slowly around an already existent wreck, all those aforementioned rubberneckers are no longer paying attention to the cars around them. Instead, they’re looking at the two damaged car on the side of the road and are now more likely to hit a vehicle and cause an accident themselves. The only thing that a driver should be focused on while operating their vehicle is the road in front of them, the other vehicles, and any pedestrians or cyclists.

Did you know you can search for current traffic accidents in Hillsborough County?

Those two overall categories cover most of the reasons that sober drivers could have for causing a car accident but there is also the very real threat of intoxicated drivers. Drugs, illegal as well as many legally prescribed medications, can significantly impair the judgement and reaction times of the individual under their influence. This impairment combined with the steering of a large metal car causes a high risk for serious car accidents leading to life threatening injuries and loss of life.

Alcohol and or prescription drugs can leave a driver deceivingly more impaired than they believe they are, and if they then make the bad decision of driving it could end up costing you a lot of money and your well-being. Regardless of the reason for a driver to be reckless or distracted it is their fault entirely for making those decisions but they still end up affecting you. That doesn’t sound fair at all, and it isn’t. That’s why it’s important to call an attorney when you’ve been the victim of a car accident so that they can assist you during the process of filing claims and obtaining compensation for your pain.

All across Tampa Bay countless car accidents occur and the injuries suffered as a result vary greatly in type and severity. Beginning with the least severe but also valid and deserving of compensation are the likes of whiplash, sprained wrists, scratches, not life-threatening cuts, bruises, etc. Then there are increasingly more expensive, time consuming, and dangerous injuries such as broken or fractured bones, lacerations needing stitches, concussions, etc. The more severe injuries include things like permanent brain damage, paralyzation, limb amputations, punctured organs, and even more gruesome wounds. Car accidents can also result in death at the scene, on impact, or following the accident but due to injuries received from the crash.

If you or a loved one is ever in a car accident contact the following in this order; first responder, doctor, lawyer. Call 9-1-1 if you’ve been in a car accident to make sure that the wonderful police, fireman, and EMT’s of the Tampa Bay area get your injuries checked out and stabilized. Then visit a doctor to have the extent of your injuries and pains put down on paper and solidified into evidence against the driver that crashed into you. Even if you think you can wait to visit a doctor, do so immediately because there are time restrictions on how long after an accident the medical reports are valid and usable for your case.

Then, with your injuries being properly taken care of, contact an attorney because the legal battles following car accidents can be more involved than one might initially presume.  Insurance claims have to be filed by people on both sides and you will often have to go after both the person who hit you and their insurance company to end up receiving any of the money you deserve. This is where you want aggressive lawyers that are there to help you stick to your guns and fight for your rights.

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