Bicyclists kick off Moffitt Day with ‘Cure on Wheels’ ride

Twenty-five bicyclists braved the cold Sunday morning to start their 300 plus mile journey to Tallahassee.

Bicyclists kick off Moffitt Day with ‘Cure on Wheels’ ride

Participants to meet with lawmakers; get more cancer research funding

The 300 plus mile journey to end Wednesday

The bicyclists are participating in the “Cure on Wheels” ride that kicks off “Moffitt Day” in the state capitol. And it will take the riders four days to get there. In Tallahassee, the participants will meet with state lawmakers to get more funding for cancer research. Seven of the cyclists are cancer survivors and the long bike ride to Tallahassee means even more for them. “It’s full of mixed emotions. I’m excited, I’m nervous. It’s cold, but you just think about what you’ve been through the last few years. Gives you something to fight for,” Christopher Brewer, cancer survivor, said. The bike ride will end on Wednesday right on the steps of the capital, where cyclists will meet with lawmakers as part of Moffitt Days. According to the Cure on Wheels website, the ride has raised $900,000 for programs that help families whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

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