Appliance Malfunctions: When your Home Turns Into a Horror Movie


With the rapid advancement of technology, the thought of your home turning against you may be your worst nightmare or maybe it’s something you’ve never really given any thought to. Well, believe it or not you don’t need some futuristic technology to become endangered by your own house. Household appliances cause thousands of serious injuries every year and this is what you need to know about the possibility of seeking compensation for damages if one of your household appliances malfunctions.

Everyday tasks become monotonous and mundane to the point where we may not even realize that there are dangers associated with most of the appliances within our homes. Toasters can short circuit and start fires costing you thousands in property damage alone, ovens, washing machines, blenders, heaters, etc. run similar risks.

These scenarios might sound like things that can be chalked up to “freak accidents” but you should use caution with that term because that accident might not be so much as a “freak occurrence” and more like a “product malfunction.”

There are two ways to categorize household appliance accidents; faulty products and lack of proper cautioning.

Starting with the products themselves being faulty, let’s review some major causes for household appliance accidents. Electrical appliances short circuiting is a common cause of fires and in extreme cases explosions in homes and is not due to user error at all but as a result of a preexisting condition the appliance had prior to purchasing. These accidents can have catastrophic results as extreme as losing the entire house in the event of a large fire arising from the appliance mishap.

There can also be a lot of damage to the belongings and property that the appliance affects through whatever malfunction it experiences. These can be hard to replace and costly purchases that you may not be able to financially afford without being compensated by the manufacturer responsible for the household appliance malfunction. Having a good personal injury attorney during that time can help ensure that you receive the reimbursement you deserve without adding further strain to the whole situation.

There could also be grave personal injuries as a result of house appliance accidents when the products have faults and cause burns and electrocutions. Burns and electrocutions can both racks up hefty medical bills and recurring costs for treatments. Burns take a long time to heal and depending on the severity can be debilitating for extended periods of time, that may result in cutting into your ability to work and acquire necessary income, running out of sick days,  and the recovery along with any medications that you’ll need will certainly cost a pretty penny.

Electrocutions due to their unpredictable nature could lead to brain damage, partial or total loss of limb usability, and at times result in permanent mental handicaps. It would not be right to suffer personal injuries, property damage, and financial hurdles when the fault of the accident falls on the manufacturer. If you, a loved one, or anyone else you may know have undergone such a scenario it is incredibly important to reach out to a personal injury attorney and fight for what is rightfully yours.

Household appliance accidents also cause a large number of injuries and deaths in a different, sneakier way.

User misuse can lead to disastrous consequences when dealing with household appliance accidents because they are often electrical in nature. It may have crossed your mind that if user error is at play how are you ever going to be able to receive a settlement for the injuries and damages you sustained as a result of the appliance accident.

Well, if the manufacturer failed to properly caution the customer of any and all dangers that could arise from using their product, that form of negligence is what led to the damages and they are still very much at fault. It is their responsibility to include warning labels on products that are possibly harmful and due to neglecting that duty people sustain serious injuries from improperly handling household appliances.

These include the warning labels explaining how to use caution with electrical cords, what shouldn’t go in a microwave, what materials to keep away from the sides of a toaster, how to properly wash and clean certain appliances so as to avoid an electrocution risk and so on.

Children are especially susceptible to injury from household appliances and there should be warning labels on any appliance that could put a child in direct harm to inform the guardians and parents to keep them away from it. If there is no such label, then accidents can occur and there could be significant medical costs as a result. This is where a personal injury lawyer is helpful in making sure that the family receives the payment for damages that it deserves and for any other expenses that arose because of the manufacturer’s negligence.

Certain appliances are not meant to reach certain temperature due to a short circuiting or melt down risk but if that is not clearly expressed how are the users of said appliance supposed to know? Hence why it’s so important for manufacturers to responsibly label their products.

There exists so many dangers and concerns throughout the world as it is, one shouldn’t face injury and peril at the end of the appliances within their own home. If you or someone you know has undergone strenuous situations such as these due to a manufacturer not properly designing, packaging, testing, or labeling their products you could be entitled to compensation and should reach out to a us as soon as possible.

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