7 Important Steps to Take After A Car Accident

Car crash with man looking

There are a million things that go through one’s mind right after a serious accident.

Am I okay?

Is anyone else seriously injured?

Where did that other car come from?

How bad is the damage?

Before your brain skips straight into worst case scenario mode here are some helpful tips to consider taking once you have been in a serious auto accident.

1. Call the police –

This one may seem like a no-brainer but there are often cases where at fault parties involved in the accident do not wish to involve the authorities. One should call the police immediately after a car crash – especially if any of the parties involved in the crash are injured.

2. Acknowledge any injuries you and/or the other party are suffering from –

This step is perhaps one of the more important ones out of the bunch. After the adrenaline from the accident has subsided, pay close attention to your body. Is it hard to turn your head left, or right? Are any part or your body sore from impact? The damage to your car and the other party’s can be replaced, but your health is not something that should be taken for granted. 

3.Be Observant –

The best way to assure important details regarding how the accident occurred don’t fall through the cracks is to pay attention to your surroundings and be as observant as possible to all the small details. After all, you are your own best witness!

  • What time did the accident take place?
  • What street signs is the accident near?
  • Which direction were you and the other party heading in when your cars collided?
  • What conditions are the roads in? What about the weather?

These are all important questions to ask yourselves when constructing a timeline of the accident. 

4. Take note of the other driver –

While waiting for the police to arrive on scene, exchanging information with the other driver is a crucial step to take after being involved in an accident. Make sure to get the other driver’s

  • Name
  • License number
  • Plate number
  • Car year, make, & model

5. What is said? –

Taking note of what is said is essential when it comes to determining which party is at fault for the collision. Be sure to play careful attention to statements made by the other party involved – especially if they are the one’s who are at fault.

6. Take Lots of Photos! –

Taking notes will of everything that transpired in the accident will only get you so far. It is imperative to take pictures of damage done to both your vehicle and the other party’s, as well as any visible injuries that you or the other driver sustain. Photographic evidence is perhaps one of the most concrete ways to document damages and injuries that occur during an accident. Be sure to also document the positioning of where both cars impacted one another.

7. Call your lawyer –

Making sure you have someone in your corner that you trust to handle your case is the last, but not least important step to take after a serious accident. If you don’t already have a lawyer who is going to not only put your best interests first, but make sure you get everything you are entitled to after an accident, feel free to call Martinez Law at (813) 288-1529.